So You Didn’t Get Accepted to Your Dream College? Don’t Fret

When things don’t work out the way you had liked, and you had staked so much hope into it, you think what now?

For me, I scrambled to try and find the right plan when it came to college. I worried about what people would think and what I was suppose to be expected to do. I struggled with the idea of telling my peers that I would be going to community college instead of immediately into a 4 year college. I soon realized that it didn’t matter what they thought because I was happy with my decision.

When applying for a 4 year college you truly don’t know what they are looking for and you try your best. You apply with the same essay sometimes to different colleges with the same gpa, and one may accept you and one may not. A lot of it has to do with fitting demographics which is completely out of your control. Which really doesn’t seem fair but thats the way it’s done.

I made a Tik Tok when people started showing where they applied to, where they got accepted, and where they ended up going. It’s to tell others that even if you didn’t get accepted into your dream college in the beginning, that maybe it was for a reason. I found that going to community college helped me adjust to college life without being thrown into it and not having to dorm immediately. The pressure to succeed was still there but it wasn’t as if I was throwing away buckets of money. I realized, I found friends everywhere I went and I was accepted everywhere.

I find that exploring different options was helpful and showed me what I truly wanted to do with my life. And I got the college experience everywhere! You just have to apply yourself. So don’t fret with where you decided to go if it wasn’t your dream school. You might love it there and you could find your best of friends there that you would’ve never met if you went somewhere else.


  1. Good post… In my case, I didn’t have a dream college out of high school, but how things worked out I transferred to a prestigious college, which ended up being one of the best decisions that I ever made…. even though I had no thought of thinking about going there heading into my senior year…. but life got a funny way of working out still…


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