Cal Poly Pomona: Fall 2020

“Wait, let me start over.”

Karen from Mean Girls Musical

That’s the first thing I thought when I pressed accept on the Cal Poly Pomona website. I just had accepted to go back to university and earn a bachelors degree for my second time.

I like to think that all my attempts at finding which major to choose or what type of degree was just a path I was supposed to take. It was a long and hard path, sure. But not unheard of.

My first attempt at The University of La Verne was a great stepping stone. It gave me perspective of living on my own, meeting new friends, and really deciding what was important in life. It was also where I applied and got accepted to for the Disney College Program. I joined a sorority which I always wanted to do and I got to live with roommates for the first time…and I loved it. I went to University of La Verne when I was 17 and transferring in as a sophomore. Looking back on it, that’s crazy!

I had planned on majoring in psychology where I soon learned that you actually had to be mentally stable for the jobs I wanted to pursue… whoops. I soon went into Business Administration to focus on Non Profit Management hoping to work with animals at a shelter. There I realized that it was mostly for opening up for profit organizations and a pet shop wasn’t going to be one of them. I had imagined I would open up this cute mom and pop store with creatures from breeders that would cost a bit more but would be better than PetSmart or Petco. Well that dream went out the window as soon as I sat down for an accounting class. That sh*t is hard! I actually did everything I could to stay awake in that class with no success. I did tutors after tutors with no success of actually picking up a thing. Assets and liabilities…what?! (I actually had to look up the word liability cause I totally forgot)

In between leaving University of La Verne, going to Orlando for the Disney College Program, and taking a year to work and go to community college, I really thought that college wasn’t the path for me. I still kind of think that, but with 70 units completed, might as well finish the race I started or else it’d be a waste.

My second attempt will be my most successful. I am speaking that into existence! I am going to the Collins School of Hospitality Management where I will receive my bachelor degree. Again I’m speaking that into existence. I have applied for housing to live on campus so hopefully I get the dorm I want because its expensive. I will have my psychiatric service dog Joey along for the journey as well.

Of course I’m a little nervous but I know each thing has led me to where I need to be.

Let’s see How Far I’ll Go!


  1. Georgia I am very proud of you. I was in the Hospitality industry for over 40 years. So if you need anything I am here. My speciality was Procurement for Hotels and working with Interior Designers to do contracts and get jobs in refurbishing older hotels and supplying new hotels with everything they need. Best of everything it is a very fun industry hugs and Love Mrs Calhoun


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