A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Teenage Old Georgia,

I’m writing this letter to you in hopes you heed my advice and can undo some of the things I have already done. I’m turning 20 in a couple months which means I will no longer be a teenager and that much closer to being able to legally drink. I feel as though I was given this advice but took it for granted. I do think of silly things like warning you about the day you go to Tae Kwon Do, only later to leave with a torn ACL.

People say I wouldn’t want to change the past because it would change the future, like a butterfly effect. Although now Avengers Endgame has brought a whole new spin to time travel…taking that into consideration, I would like to tell you things that could help you in the long run.

  • Be Humble: To be competitive is always easier when you’re on the winning side. Your 4.0 GPA is a great achievement and you know you worked hard for it. But that doesn’t mean your neighboring classmate with their 3.4 didn’t work as hard as you. Humble yourself and instead of boasting, congratulate. It’s easy to get worked up in the certificate but in the end you’re going to be laughed at in Calculus by your peers because you don’t understand how they got that answer. Be humble of the fact that you are in great shape. You don’t need to compare your body nor should you ever. Although you do truly see yourself as fat because you aren’t a size 00, know you aren’t.
  • Don’t Get Trampled By The Bear: Everyone’s taught their natural instinct is to fight or flight. But nobody tells you when you freeze. You freeze up because you don’t know whether you should fight this bear or run away. You know you have to do either but it’s that anxiety of whether you made the right choice. You’re scared! But in this case both choices are the right choice. Don’t let the bear get to you. That bear may be your BFF at the time but when it snaps back it snaps hard and you’re hand may be right in its way. First time may be an accident and you can forgive. But learn from your mistake and don’t be so close. Don’t let the bear run you over with a lawnmower again. If it does happen again either fight that bear or say goodbye to it before it eats you whole. You may not see clearly now. You are scared of the future without this BFF because what would life be without them. Well, like a fortune cookie would say, “You have a bright future ahead.”
  • Don’t Rush: You will be diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety before you turn 14. Just know, all those hospitalizations, were for your own good. You willingly admit yourself only to find out you can’t just leave whenever you want and find it to be a prison. Instead learn and grow from this experience. This surprisingly will be one of your most peaceful times of your life. You’ll meet friends there, where you’ll be lifelong Instagram friends along with the fact that you now have unlimited time to read and play board games. Although the food sucks, you get time to sleep with no school worries, no friend drama worries, and no other worries besides the question: am I getting better? Don’t rush the system.

But finally my best piece of advice to you, do yourself a favor and invest in Bitcoin. Just kidding, money can’t buy happiness…know that. I feel like there’s so much more I can tell you but just heed those three things.


Your not so older self,



  1. I love you so much…I am sitting here blubbering like a big baby I have held you as a baby…and watched you grow to now…Proud is the only word that comes to mind you have come so far and overcome so much…I can only hope to be as strong as you!

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  2. I am sitting here blubbering like a big baby..I cannot believe how far you have come…I held you as a baby and watched you go through so much! I can only pitch in to what your mom has already said I am so proud of you! and cannot wait to see how bright your future will be! xoxoxo

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      • My dear Georgia, how I wish I had had your insight at 20. This has made me even prouder of you. You have and do struggle, but so do we all. The difference between you and many others is that you have learned from each of these experiences and grown. GongGong and I love you forever and ever and I can’t wait for our great expedition together.
        With love,👵🏻 😘ℳ

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  3. Thank you Georgia for sharing. I continue to fight the bear. I still freeze up.(I have used those exact words in my journal). Even on the small things, when least expecting it, send me into a tail spin.
    Know that you are not alone in the struggle. Hugs 🤗 From your Mom’s Canadian friend.

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  4. Georgia, lovely girl — this is so insightful and self-aware. Know that glimpse into yourself is not only a sign of maturity, but one of humble kindness. Thank you for sharing this, sweetie. Love you!

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