My Experience with Sorority Recruitment

My Bid

Never be so faithful to your plan that you are unwilling to consider the unexpected. Never be so faithful to your plan that you are unwilling to entertain the improbable opportunity that comes looking for you. – Elizabeth Warren

After a long weekend, I remember receiving my bid from the sorority Alpha Omicron Pi and a deep sigh washing over me. It was a tough weekend for me. I cried…hard. I remember signing up for recruitment weekend after meeting some girls from Iota Delta and actually enjoying my talks with them. I think I spent over an hour just standing there talking to them. Little did I know they were actually trying to recruit girls. I forgot why I first signed up for recruitment but I knew going in I already had friends in Alpha Omicron Pi. I knew girls from my small time in the band at school but mostly I knew this one girl in my dorm who was already in AOII. I had met her earlier that semester and I knew: if all the girls were like her, I wanted to go AOII. But I was hesitant from the beginning about joining a sorority at La Verne. Greek life wasn’t the biggest thing to me on campus and I was slowly making friends without Greek life. I was talking to this boy about my hesitation and he was adamant that I shouldn’t join. So instead of going to one of the mandatory nights I decided to go smoke with him in his car. Later through the night, I became paranoid if I was making the right decision. Seeing I wasn’t having a great time he decided to drop me off in front of the campus where the mandatory meeting was being held and wished me luck. I got out of the car probably wreaking of the smell of weed and checked in. I sat in the back and people kept turning around giving me disgusting looks. That’s when I got even more paranoid. I asked my acquaintances if they could smell the weed and they shook their heads no. I saw this girl from one of my classes and went up to her and she offered to give me a ride to the hotel’s convention center where formal recruitment was being held. She didn’t mind since she was also giving her friend a ride as well. Back in the dorms I went into the bathroom where my roommate gagged at me smelling that noticeable odor.

 So the next day recruitment had started and we were put into groups based off our last names. Like the sorority stereotype of a bunch of girls clapping and singing came true. I can hear them through the doors before they were even opened. When the doors did open all the way they led us one by one inside the room.

It felt like an interview. They asked me typical questions like what year I was and what I was majoring in. Then the girl I was talking to would switch with another girl and I would repeat everything I just said. Now repeat this another 3 times. They were only 4 sororities on campus: Phi Sigma Sigma, Sigma Kappa, Alpha Omicron Pi, and Iota Delta. When the day was over we wrote down on our pieces of paper ranking each sorority you met. We were told the sororities would do the same for us and it would determine whether you would see them again. Falling into peer pressure and maybe even just because I was more interested in the other sororities look and attitude, I put Alpha Omicron Pi last on my ranking.

The next day, when I got in the car I find out that her friend got a call saying her last pick was the only one that wanted her back. Devastated and heartbroken of course she decided not to come. Well after waiting and talking with other girls who were rushing, I, along with other girls, were called into Alpha Omicron Pi’s room. Like the other day it was basically the same thing, but like my friend and I, we were more excited to see who else called us back. When the interview process was over, we were pulled aside and told that AOII was the only one that called us back. Now that was when even more paranoia set in. I rushed out of the hallway where some of the girls can clearly seeing water in my eyes. I knew that because one of the girls stopped me and asked, “are you okay?” I tried not bursting into tears not because I didn’t like AOII but because I was heartbroken at the fact that I wasn’t chosen back.

  • Why didn’t they like me?
  • Am I not good enough for them?
  • Is it the way I look?
  • Was it because I didn’t wear heels or a formal enough dress?
  • What did I do wrong?

All those questions rushed to my head and I called my mom telling her the news. I headed home that night and slept at home swearing to myself that I wouldn’t go back the next day of recruitment. I even texted my friend from AOII saying oops something came up at home and I won’t be able to make it. Some lame excuse like that. I even texted my group leader (Ro Chi) that I couldn’t make it the next day. I cried myself to sleep that night. It was just the rejection was so immediate and random that it hurt.

I woke up bright and early the next morning and told my mom, you know what. I want to go. I realized that these girls in AOII were my friends. I knew them through extracurriculars and at the dorm and I said why not. Who cares what people think. So my mom drove me all the way back to La Verne just in time for my final interview with AOII. There I surprised them with my presence but they were happy to see me nonetheless. I sat down with my friend from the dorm and only talked to her the entire time. It was a one on one talk and my friend had written me a note which I wish I kept. There I knew that I wanted to be in AOII.

Later that night it was bid day. My Ro Chi told us that if we got a phone call that would mean we didn’t end up receiving a bid. So there I waited in my dorm, my phone glued to my hip hoping it wouldn’t ring. Then 5 minutes before I received my bid I knew I had gotten in. I gotten an envelope and inside was my bid. I accepted it and went upstairs to surprise my sorority that I accepted them back. While waiting in line I took a picture of the bid and sent it to my mom. She congratulated me but then I got a surprising text back. Something along the lines of, “Did you know Nana was an AOII too?” There I knew it was fate and I had made the right decision to join Alpha Omicron Pi.

My Bid Day

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